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What’s up with Organic Milk with DHA?
July 13, 2011

There’s been some chatter over the past few days regarding a recent claim that the DHA Omega—3 used in our DHA fortified products is a “prohibited” or “illegal” substance. We’d like to reassure our consumers that this is not true.

The USDA has not banned the use of plant based DHA in organic milk, nor has it questioned the safety of the ingredient. Here’s the situation: late last April (2010), the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) chose to re—evaluate the approvals process for various added nutrients for organic products. The NOP is considering adding a few new steps to this process, including requiring a formal petition process with a public hearing. Our DHA source, life’sDHA by Martek, falls into a long list of other ingredients that would be affected by such a change. Many of these ingredients (such as vitamins A and D and fish-based DHA) are commonly used in many certified organic products.

It’s important to note that the USDA is not questioning the merits or safety of DHA Omega—3 as an ingredient; they are simply re—evaluating the approvals process required for this ingredient, and many others, to be used in certified organic foods. Rest assured that our DHA milk is entirely compliant with the today’s organic labeling requirements.

In a press release on this issue, Executive Director of the Organic Trade Association, Christine Bushway, asserts “It is important to remember that the affected products remain in good organic standing with the NOP, and will continue to be found on store shelves while the National Organic Standards Board reviews the specific ingredients.”

The USDA’s review has been in process since last spring, and will continue for some time. We look forward to bringing you updates as the situation progresses. In the meantime, our organic milk with DHA remains a great way to help your family get more DHA Omega—3; an important nutrient that helps support brain, heart and eye health.

At Horizon, we support strong and effective organic regulations, and we applaud the USDA’s attention to this issue. We’re also happy to see passionate consumers get involved in the discussion. Visit us on Facebook to share your point of view.

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