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The Organic Cow® Brand to Transition to Horizon® in 2011
July 13, 2011

Horizon® announced today that it will transition The Organic Cow® a small organic milk brand in the Northeast, to Horizon, the leading organic milk brand in the U.S., in 2011. The transition will not impact dairy farmers supplying milk to The Organic Cow.

Although The Organic Cow has a dedicated following in the Northeast, Horizon has seen strong growth over the past several years. As the national leader, Horizon continues to drive growth of the organic dairy category.

Because the family farmers supplying the organic milk remain the same, the milk inside the package will not change, and the farmers will not be affected— Horizon will continue to purchase organic milk for the Horizon Organic brand from the same farmers.

“We have been thrilled to have The Organic Cow as part of our portfolio, but with the continued success and growth of Horizon, we have decided to focus on one brand moving forward,” said Mike Ferry, Horizon president. “We are committed to continuing to support our family farmers in the area and anticipate that this transition will provide these farmers with more opportunities to grow their business by supplying milk to the leading U.S. organic milk brand.”

All Horizon Organic milk is USDA certified organic and has the same great taste as The Organic Cow milk products. To help make the transition as easy as possible for consumers, three packaging changes will take place throughout 2011 so that The Organic Cow brand is replaced with Horizon on packaging gradually.