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Horizon Adds 100 Certified Organic Family Farmers in 2010
July 13, 2011

Local farmers in 23 states help meet increased consumer demand for organic milk

BROOMFIELD, Colo., (January 24, 2011) Horizon® announced today that it now works with nearly 600 certified organic family farmers nationwide to supply organic milk to consumers.

In addition to the 531 certified organic family farmers currently providing organic milk to Horizon, there are 61 additional farms under contract with the company that will begin supplying milk during the next several months after all transition steps have been met.

“The fact that we added 100 family farmers to our network in 2010 reflects the consumer demand for organic milk, which has been steadily climbing,” said Mike Ferry, Horizon president. Our family farmers are the heart of our business, allowing us to provide the highest quality organic milk to our customers.

Family farmers supply about 93 percent of Horizon’s organic milk. The remainder comes from two company-owned farms in Idaho and Maryland, which were certified organic in 1994 and 1998. The average size of Horizon’s family farm partner is 91 milking cows, and 95 percent of the farms have fewer than 100 milking cows.

In 2010, Horizon also continued its Horizon Organic Producer Education (HOPE) program, which supports and ensures its family farmer partners remain at the forefront of developments in the industry. The HOPE program includes college scholarships that encourage children of its family farmers to enter the field of organic agriculture, as well as an annual award to recognize its farmers for creating positive change for their communities by practicing and serving as a model for organic agriculture.

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Horizon believes the choice for a healthy family and a healthy planet should be an easy one. Horizon Organic offers a delicious variety of certified organic dairy products to satisfy a broad range of consumer needs. Horizon’s commitment to a healthier planet includes offsetting the energy used to produce its products with clean, renewable wind power. Horizon works with nearly 600 certified organic family farmers. Founded in 1991, Horizon was a pioneer in the organic industry, the first company to supply organic milk nationally, and remains committed to providing great-tasting dairy products that make it easy for moms to provide nutritious options for her kids. For more information about Horizon’s organic dairy products, visit